Cartier’s High Jewellery Exhibition Was A Glittering Symphony Of Diamonds And Gemstones

Cartier recently marked a new chapter with an exclusive showcase of more than 150 high jewellery creations at their Malaysian flagship boutique in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Gleaming diamonds, coloured gemstones, and timepieces were adorned in pristine displays set against a backdrop of polished marble and elaborate design elements. The ‘Markers of Style’ exhibition, paying tribute to Cartier’s enduring legacy since its inception in 1847, offered a glimpse into the maison’s prodigious collection of design influences and craftsmanship, featuring four core themes.

A necklace and ring from the Architecture & Purity collection.

In the theme of Architecture & Purity, Cartier showcased its appreciation for the pure beauty of jewels. Minimalist designs, emphasising clean lines and proportional shapes, allowed the inherent splendour of gemstones to shine. The star of this theme is a necklace inspired by a rare 37.27-carat oval-shaped diamond, depicting the path of a comet. The mix of cuts, including pear, marquise, rose, and brilliant-cut diamonds, created a celestial play of light. The necklace’s diamond pendant, following Cartier’s tradition, could be detached and worn as a ring.

Earrings from the Architecture & Purity collection.

Geometry & Contrasts were at the centre of Cartier’s recognisable style, reflected in their idiosyncratic patterns and the design of its jewellery. The maison’s ability to create singular pieces was evident through variations in symmetry, asymmetry, parallelism, and perspective, all juxtaposed with striking colour contrasts. Rich and exotic colours, such as the blues and greens inspired by the Russian ballet and the corals with greens and blacks influenced by Chinese decorative arts and traditional Indian imagery, modernised Cartier’s work more than ever. A standout piece from this theme is a necklace with five matched Colombian emeralds accentuated by tapered diamonds, emeralds, and brilliant-cut diamonds. This versatile creation could be worn as a sautoir, pendant, or a short necklace.

The Geometry & Contrasts High Jewellery collection.

Cartier’s Flora & Fauna exuded confidence and free-spirited femininity through a selection of distinctive florals and animal motifs such as exotic blooms, panthers, crocodiles, snakes, and more. The crocodile necklace, a celebrated piece from the maison’s repertoire, was conceived as a tribute to Mexican actress Maria Felix. This fully articulated piece envelops the wearer’s neck, serving as a protector. Another notable piece is the cactus-themed necklace, which features a magnificent rubellite weighing over 100 carats. The design extends into a series of geometrical lines in pavé-set platinum, giving rise to motifs composed of aventurines, supplemented by diamonds inverted on their base to resemble tiny spikes. The cactus necklace also comes with a matching ring featuring a 44.08-carat cabochon-cut rubellite of a similar hue.

The Flora & Fauna collection with the Panthere de Cartier ring.

The Cultural Dialogues theme demonstrated Cartier’s avidity for the world’s diversity and its rich cultures. Drawing inspiration from the far corners of the globe, it featured pieces influenced by China, Russia, India, the Middle East, Africa, and more. Derived from the gentle waves of Moroccan port cities, the maison crafted a suite of jewellery by combining melon-cut emerald and chalcedony beads. The dominant colours of blue and green, along with specially cut onyx, added a three-dimensional structure to the pieces.

The Flora & Fauna High Jewellery collection.


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