Marini’s On 57 Captures The Essence Of Autumn With A Special Autumn 2023 Menu

The warm hues of autumn leaves have inspired Marini’s on 57 to embrace the rich and comforting flavours in Italian cuisine. Its Autumn 2023 menu, which is available now until December 20, unfolds with an emphasis on earthy mushrooms and luxurious truffles—but it is the delicate veal that takes centre stage. Alba white truffles also make a triumphant appearance this season for a limited time only in an exclusive menu. A prized delicacy known for its intense aroma and flavour compared to other truffles, this exquisite ingredient will be paired with a curated selection of exquisite dishes.

Walking into the restaurant, one is greeted with a stunning view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. The evening unfolds with a bottle of 2016 Sportoletti Villa Fidelia Rosso, with its inspiring rich and complex flavour profile, which recalls the essence of blackberries and liquorice, staining the palate with an indulgent layer of sweet tannins that serves as the perfect prelude to an alluring evening.

Antipasti Roasted Green Asparagus With Autumn Truffles.

An amuse-bouche of what is called a Sfizi (meaning ‘whim’ in Italian) hits me straight in my taste buds as I begin my night. This explosion of delight is the Black Kalamata Olive coated with parsley crumbs, stuffed with Italian sun-dried tomato pesto, chilli and basil, served with parsley mayonnaise. This is followed by the iconic Marini’s on 57 Uova, which are scrambled eggs enriched with truffle butter, topped with a light cream made of Parmigiano Reggiano and finished with shavings of autumn truffle. Each bite melts in my mouth and feels like a plush cushion of embrace.

For the appetizer, Vitello Tonnato is served—roasted veal tenderloin, with house-made tuna sauce, caper berries and pickled vegetables. The Roasted Green Asparagus, on the other hand, is served with poached egg, cacio e pepe cream, shaved Grana Padano and autumn truffle shavings.

Antipasti Vitello Tonnato.

At the core of Italian cuisine, pasta serves as a culinary cornerstone, and this is also the case in Marini’s on 57. House-made Bagoss Cheese Ravioli is cooked in butter parmesan cheese, and balsamic reduction and topped again with autumn truffle shavings. In keeping with the robust autumn theme, a hearty bowl of porcini and wild mushroom cream soup paired with Focaccia Parmigiano croutons, crispy mushrooms and autumn truffle shavings is served next, warming the senses like a comforting elixir.

Secondi La Milanese.

A delightful array of choices is offered for mains. Merluzzo sees baked cod fish, mashed cauliflower, capsicum cream, black garlic puree and Bottarga foam—fish roe that has been dried and cured, then made into a foam. The result is an umami-rich dish that is buttery and sweet. The Rolle’ di Pollo presents a chicken roulade paired with mushrooms, truffle mashed potatoes, thyme gravy reduction, autumn truffle shavings and parmesan cheese foam. It is a classic autumnal indulgence that encapsulates the rustic charm of the season.

Antipasti Foie Gras.

For those who delight in red meats, a black angus tenderloin and a veal tenderloin are on offer. The former is accompanied by green asparagus, potato croquette and a red wine sauce, while the latter stands as the pièce de resistance of the evening. Inspired by a traditional Italian dish, the La Milanese is a breaded veal tenderloin complemented by Lyonnaise potatoes, Momotaro tomatoes, arugula salad, shaved Grana Padano and lemon caviar. The veal is succulent and tender, cleverly paired with the lemon caviar, offering a refreshing contrast to the richness of the meat.

Secondi Di Carne Tenderloin On The Bone.

Extra room is mandatory for dessert because, after all, sweets aren’t meant for the stomach—they’re made for the soul. The stunning Peach Melba comprises a white chocolate dessert with peach compote and caramelised almond gelato. Meanwhile, the showstopping signature Caviale Truffle Tiramisu has all the components of a traditional tiramisu but is elevated with truffle-infused savoiardi biscuits, mascarpone cheese espuma, Valrhona chocolate and coffee caviar, all of which adds layers and a playful texture to the dessert.

Vegetarian Degustation Tomato Risotto.

Guests may opt for meat-free options with the five-course Autumn Vegetarian Degustation Menu, which includes a Risotto Al Pomodoro and Carnaroli rice risotto, to name a few. The Marini’s on 57 Autumn 2023 menu is available at the Marini’s on 57 Restaurant daily and is priced from RM38++ onwards.

Degustation sets are available from RM488++ per person for a five-course dinner, or RM1,888++ per person for an eight-course dinner. Meanwhile, vegetarian degustation sets are priced at RM418++ per person, and the Alba white truffles are priced at RM98++ per gram, with a minimum order of 5g per dish.

Marini’s on 57

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