The Pavilion Crown At Pavilion Damansara Heights Mall Is Kuala Lumpur’s Newest Sensation

Recently, the Pavilion Damansara Heights mall made an entrance into the rhythmic pulse of Kuala Lumpur, drawing more than 500 guests to its grand opening ceremony. The event kicked off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by an auspicious lion dance that entertained the audience. Executive Chairman of Pavilion Group Y. Bhg. Puan Sri Cindy Lim took charge as the officiator of this highly anticipated event. Joining Puan Sri Lim were key figures including the Director of Impian Ekspresi Sdn Bhd and the Chief Executive Officer (Retail) of Kuala Lumpur Pavilion Sdn Bhd Datuk Lee Whay Hoong. As part of the celebration, the grand unveiling of the Three Golden Rams at Level 5 marked a momentous occasion, earning the sculpture the Malaysia Book of Records certificate for the ‘Biggest Golden Three Rams Statue’. Guests were then treated to a multicultural dance performance by Jabatan Kebudayaan Dan Kesenian Negara, accompanied by a pulsating drum symphony, enhancing the overall festive spirit of the occasion.

The day reached an exuberant climax with the illumination of the Pavilion Crown, the grand entrance of Pavilion Damansara Heights mall. Adorned with 2,888 Murano-glass technology crystals, it proudly holds the Malaysia Book of Records for the ‘Most Murano Lights On A Shopping Mall Façade’. Also, Pavilion Crown was the winner of the ‘LED Exterior Lighting Design’ Award at the industry-acclaimed LIT Lighting Design Awards 2023. They were the only ones in Malaysia to win an award at this global event.

A product of a four-year collaborative effort and more than 20,000 hours of meticulous design, this final showpiece was achieved in creative partnership with Kuala Lumpur Pavilion Design Studio (KLPDS) led by Datuk Tan Peng Han and Bangkok-based award-winning design think tank Lightsculptures led by Francesco Cappuccio and Francesco Brancaccio. Shedding a light on their collaborative effort, Brancaccio shares: “This marks a significant leap for us, delving into a more intricate and complex endeavour. While the end result is indeed spectacular, there’s a depth to the engineering aspect that adds a layer of intricacy. It’s not just about the visual impact but also the integration process itself is a testament to the conscientious engineering involved.”

Crafted from recyclable glass, the facade stands as a symbol of Pavilion Damansara Heights’ dedication to green development, a commitment recognised by the recent Green Mark certification from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore. “Our inspiration always revolves around timelessness in all our property endeavours. It’s crucial to ensure that the buildings we create are sustainable and relevant even a decade or two later,” Tan says.

The Pavilion Crown lighting facade serves two purposes. Not only does it elevate the building’s aesthetic appeal, but it also functions as a practical sunshade, contributing to reduced energy consumption and a minimised environmental impact on the mall. Moreover, the design allows abundant natural light to infiltrate the interior, providing mall visitors with a pleasing view of their surroundings. Inspired by the traditional Italian Bugnato style, the cladding pattern showcases hand-blown glass ornament in a princess-diamond cut. These ornaments are specifically engineered to efficiently capture and reflect natural sunlight, casting an elegant sparkle throughout the day, and eliminating the need to activate RGBW LEDs.

The main facade stands impressively at 25 metres wide and 26 metres tall, while the smaller facades and drop-offs feature a simpler design. The lighting for all drop-offs combines architectural spotlights with decorative small glass elements, ensuring a healthy 400 lux at floor level. Come nighttime, the DMX system-controlled facade transforms into a pixelated display, capable of creating light shows for various celebrations in Kuala Lumpur. “It’s going to be incredibly Instagram-worthy, and with Malaysia being known for its diversity and vibrancy, this presents a unique opportunity for the mall to host a variety of engaging events during festive seasons,” Cappuccio says. “For instance, during Valentine’s Day, we can transform the entire diamond into a pink spectacle. Similarly, for significant events like Merdeka or Malaysia Day, we can showcase our Malaysian flag. Ultimately, it’s about connecting with the community and conveying meaningful messages through our architectural expressions.”

Tan agrees, and adds that it’s a wonderful collaboration between KLPDS and Lighsculptures. “We operate in a harmonious synergy, and aligning our thoughts with like-minded individuals feels great,” he says. “The designers within the group play a guiding and leading role, fostering a cohesive team dynamic. From our dedicated team, including architects and interior designers, to the broader group encompassing our marketing team, every aspect contributed to our collective efforts in this development and construction.”

Pavilion Damansara Heights

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