How Bobby Ting Champions The Real-life Practical Applications Of Sustainability With Cosentino

Following in his family’s footsteps, Dato Bobby Ting has been spearheading efforts in Sarawak in the field of sustainable property development with Elica, a company that focuses on eco-friendly designs and materials, as well as being committed to environmentally conscious practices in real estate. “At Elica, property development is more than building homes, it’s also about providing a better quality of life and creating vibrant sustainable communities,” Ting says.

Ting believes in sustainable development and respect for the environment in two key dimensions. “First, we seek to minimise the environmental impact of all our projects through innovation, engineered solutions and careful choice of materials,” he explains. “Second, we take care to incorporate green spaces and sensitive landscaping to deliver an enriching and healthy environment.”

In 2023, Ting was also able to achieve significant impact through a collaborative project with his wife, Datin Shen-Tel Lee, co-founder of Bowerhaus and Sereni & Shentel. The passionate initiative resulted in the creation of a Community Social Support Centre (CSSC) in Kuching, a communal space dedicated to addressing social issues and strengthening communities. “The idea of a communal space where multiple NGOs could operate came together when we thought about what infrastructure was lacking in our community and in an urban accessible location,” Ting says. “Segmenting spaces need to be driven by the purpose of those areas. It needs to be conducive and well-planned in order for people to continually use it. If people are comfortable with the right amenities and design of a given space, it would encourage more productivity and better-quality work to be produced.”

At the heart of the CSSC is a communal dining space designed with the sustainable Silestone Ethereal Collection by Cosentino. “Even though the CSSC is a community project, it doesn’t mean we couldn’t incorporate beautifully crafted materials,” Ting says. “As the Silestone Ethereal Collection by Cosentino is highly resistant to scratches and impacts, it is an ideal choice. The contemporary cut and finish gives it character and sets the tone of the modern aesthetic we want to present.”

Cosentino has also assumed the role of a Climate Ambassador, contributing to the dissemination of good practices and disruptive innovations, as well as encouraging collaborative initiatives for the benefit of environmental sustainability. “We at Elica share a similar vision with Cosentino. We believe that adopting eco-friendly options is one effective way to cut back on activities that can further impact the environment negatively,” Ting says. “Reusing and recycling solid wastes is gradually becoming the new age of architecture and design.”

In undertaking this project, there were challenges and obstacles to overcome, but Ting believes that with good and genuine intentions, people will offer a lending hand towards a worthy cause. When asked about his advice for young entrepreneurs aspiring to achieve success, Ting imparts: “Trust yourself and do better for others. The quick and easy route is not always the best. Brace yourself for the journey of a lifetime.”


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