Tumi Opens Its First Ever Asia-Pacific Flagship Store In Omotesando, Tokyo, And Debuts Its New Spring 2024 Collections

Of the myriad reasons to visit Tokyo, there is a brand-new one—especially as it’s located in the heart of Omotesando, one of the glitziest neighbourhoods in the megalopolis. Tumi, purveyors of premium travel, accessories and lifestyle goods (more on the latter in a minute), recently opened its first-ever flagship store in the Asia-Pacific region. Even with Google Maps’ assistance, the store is as easy to find in Jingumae as its suitcases are convenient to pack for a week-long holiday.

Victor Sanz, Creative Director of Tumi, with perceptual artist Michael Murphy.

The facade of the store features more than 250 aluminium fins, which were made using a high-tech ‘curve cutting technique’, as well as hundreds of LEDs. These organic, futuristic, attention-grabbing exterior elements all make the store look like a 19 Degree product brought vividly to life—which is exactly the point. “This flagship store represents the next chapter of the brand. We wanted to create a piece of architecture that tied directly back to the types of products we make. So we’ve taken the superior quality, design excellence and technical innovation that defines Tumi and created a completely unique design that is inspired by our 19 Degree collection,” says Victor Sanz, creative director of Tumi. “When people enter the store, they can actually experience Tumi’s brand DNA from an architectural side and not just have it be a transactional space. We did this through material, through the fluidity of columns, and the facade.”

One angle of The 19 Degree Aluminum Sculpture by Murphy.

Measuring more than 2,000 sq ft, the flagship store carries over Tumi’s signature design and aesthetics inside too. Interior pillars feature 19 Degree-inspired fins, while next-generation materials are everywhere, from the upgraded marble flooring to polished stainless steel seen in displays. A perspective-bending artwork is also prominently showcased in the centre of the store. Created by perceptual artist Michael Murphy, The 19 Degree Aluminum Sculpture draws onlookers in to pause and view the art from multiple angles—what starts out as Tumi’s ‘T’ logo soon becomes a 19 Degree Aluminum suitcase as you walk around it.

Another angle of The 19 Degree Aluminum Sculpture by Murphy.

There are plenty of T-shaped design easter eggs all around the store too, from product stands to the 2.4m-long demonstration table where customers can have hands-on, guided sessions of the latest Tumi products with store staff. Customers also need not rush whenever they visit, as the art gallery-inspired seating area and podium calf leather cushions invite one and all to linger and to take their time with Tumi. Whether you visit during the day—when Tokyo’s glorious sunshine fills the entire space with joie de vivre—or at night—when the store’s exterior illuminated contours are as breathtaking as the views from Tokyo Tower—Tumi’s new APAC flagship store is a place that will move you.

Alpha Bravo Essential Medium Tote in Black and in White; Alpha Split Travel Case in Black; Voyageur Madeline Cosmetic in Light Mauve.

“We want to inspire our existing consumers. When they arrive at the flagship, they can see that Tumi continues to innovate, move forward, be true to who they are, and evolve,” Sanz says. “New customers that are experiencing Tumi for the first time will also be able to resonate with what we’re doing—innovation, modernity and doing something unique—and then be able to discover the brand with all of its functionality, durability and aesthetics.”

Voyageur Dasha Backpack in Black Leather; Alpha Bravo Logistic Backpack in Royal Blue Ombre.

There’s nothing quite like experiencing Tumi’s latest products from its Spring 2024 collections in its Omotesando Asia-Pacific flagship store—especially its 19 Degree Aluminum collection, which is one of its most popular series all over the world recently and from which the entire store draws so much inspiration from. This season, the collection expands its lifestyle offerings through three fashion-forward yet timeless items. The 19 Degree Aluminum Backpack will make heads turn but won’t make your back hurt, thanks to its leather back panel (also featuring the beloved 19 Degree contours) and straps. Its plethora of pockets also ensure it is as functional for a work commute or international travel as it is glamorously stylish. Speaking of airline carry-on restrictions, Tumi’s new 19 Degree Compact Carry-On is everything you love about its suitcase cousins but in a more overhead-baggage-stowage-friendly size. Then, for something very on-trend and equally suitable for both men and women, check out the Minaudiere. Coming in three colourways with two detachable shoulder straps, it’s either a clutch or a crossbody bag for glammed nights out or anytime you just want to feel special.

Tumi Sport Golf Bag in Off White and Tan, and in Black.

Spring 2024 also sees the exciting debut of TUMI Sport, starting with a new Golf collection of golf bags and accessories. Available in Black and Off-White/Tan, the Cart Bag, Golf Duffel and Golf Cigar Case transposes Tumi’s strengths for the greens—performance luxury and stylish functionality. These are merely the beginning for the Golf collection, Sanz says, and there’s plenty more for golfers to look forward to as 2024 rolls along.

ASRA Shoulder Bag in Purple and Sentosa Sunset; 19 Degree Aluminum Minaudiere in Silver

The season also features plenty of lifestyle offerings from Tumi, especially for its womens-specific range of bags. For instance, the ASRA collection launches this Spring, which consists of a range of bags from small crossbodys to shoulder bags and large hobos. They feature pleating with a soft structure, an exterior microfibre-lined pocket (perfectly sized for a smartphone or a pair of sunglasses), and a knotted shoulder strap. Launch colourways include Moonlight, Cameo Rose and Black, a stunner for every occasion. Meanwhile, the Voyageur collection features backpacks, totes and crossbodys made with sustainable materials and finished with water- and stain-resistant coatings. The collection sees new colourways such as Halogen Blue and Light Mauve, and are versatile enough for the office, leisurely weekends, or wherever adventures calls.

Voyageur Celina Backpack in Sentosa Sunset; 19 Degree Aluminum Backpack in Silver

Colours also burst into fireworks of delight in many Tumi products this season. The multi-dimensional dynamism and energy of Singapore was a huge inspiration for Tumi’s design team, Sanz says, which can be seen most obviously in the Sentosa Sunset colourway or pattern. Available in pieces such as the Voyageur Celina Backpack and ASRA Shoulder Bag, for instance, the colourway unleashes a vibrant character in the products. Other scintillating shades include Acid Green—seen in the Georgica Valorie Tote and the 19 Degree International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On—and Royal Blue Ombre and Red Ombre, both of which are available in Tumi’s ever popular Alpha Bravo range of high-performance products, such as the Logistic Backpack, Liaison Tote and Esports Pro 17” Backpack.

Tumi’s limited-edition Lunar New Year collection, featuring the 19 Degree International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On and the Alpha Bravo Navigation Backpack.

Finally, Tumi is also introducing a limited-edition 2024 Lunar New Year Collection, featuring the artwork of award-winning artist Weber Zhang. Featuring auspicious cloud motifs and the powerful energy of an unbounded dancing dragon, the collection is available in 11 products from the popular ranges of 19 Degree, Alpha Bravo and Voyageur. Highlights include the 19 Degree International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On, Alpha Bravo Navigation Backpack, Voyageur Halsey Backpack, and TUMI+ Modular Accessory Pouch.

Sanz with Japanese actor Takumi Kitamura during the opening ceremony of Tumi’s Asia-Pacific Flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo.

No matter what you need to do or where you need to go, Tumi has got your back, side, shoulder and entire lifestyle covered this Spring. And with this season’s Ultra-Craft ethos inflecting every aspect of its products with innovative materials, high-performance functionality and classically futuristic stylings, they’ll become your essentials you can’t leave home (or hotel) without for years to come.

More photos of the new Tumi Store In Omotesando, Tokyo


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