These Royal Selangor 2024 Pieces For Discerning Raya Gatherings Exude Sophistication

Celebrated pewter brand Royal Selangor recently unveiled its 2024 collection, featuring pieces specially selected for Hari Raya as well as its latest series of amplifiers and charming English designs from London’s last remaining pewter company.

Eid Splendour

Atiya Nut Tray.

Impress your guests this Eid with tastefully selected pewter pieces that will add a touch of elegance to your festivities. Instead of serving your kuih batik, baklava, and bonbons on dishes, artfully arrange them on the Atiya Nut Tray. As Hari Raya is a time for sharing, each dish is conveniently removable to pass around nuts and nibbles.

Woodland Pronged Knife.

With the combination of dates and butter being all the rage, use the Woodland pronged knife to prepare the indulgent treat, also handy for breaking up blocks of hard cheeses like Pecorino Romano. Otherwise, for the health-conscious guest, prepare a colourful assortment of seasonal fruits with the exquisitely crafted Lumos fruit bowl, with a wooden base and pewter sides. Next, serve goblets of refreshing drinks like iced bandung in the Vienna Glass, a strikingly modern glass bowl that surmounts an equally fluted column of pewter.

Illuminate your Eid, literally, with the Lumos Votice, which can be flipped to support a candle both ways. This can be accompanied by the Sense candle, available in three sizes, diffusing the scent of sage to unwind and relax as the merriment comes to a pause.

Amplify Your Phones

Hive engine amplifier.

Established in 1885, Royal Selangor’s name is steeped in tradition—but their artisans are now expanding the limits of pewter design with the unveiling of the brand-new Phonos Engine Series of amplifiers. Built with an ABS sound engine that creates loud sounds over a wide range of frequencies, it utilises pewter as a front and internal structure.

Hive engine amplifier.

The beauty of the series is that no batteries or cords are required, and fits a wide range of phones and cases. This includes the Hive Engine Amplifiers, with a sleek design of hexagonal cells arranged in a honeycomb pattern, available in Natural or Dark Walnut nyatoh wood. It also serves to add character to any space while allowing you to enjoy your selection of tunes.

Reviving English Craftsmanship

Another standout this season is the Crown & Rose collection, a brand established in 1700 in London and was acquired by Royal Selangor in 1987. It even counted Florence Nightingale among its clients in its history. Among some of the choice pieces revived from the brand’s archives include the Salt and Pepper shakers in a Wooden Gift box, carefully crafted with a sleek finish.

Tracing their roots back to ancient Greece, the Loving Cup and Marriage Cup in Wooden Gift Boxes are the ultimate gifts for weddings. Their distinct double handle allows couples to lovingly sip from the same cup.

Royal Selangor

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