The Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV Is The Current King Of The Brand’s Electric Vehicles

The automotive sector is well into the electric revolution now, with EVs having permeated across all market segments. For Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, it has filled the final outstanding segment: the EQS SUV is the brand’s flagship all-electric SUV. Available as a single variant, the 580 4MATIC (from RM699,888) completes a comprehensive EV range that began in 2019, when the automaker unveiled the EQC as its first all-electric production vehicle.

As the range-topper, the EQS SUV invites comparison to the EQS (no suffix, which means the sedan version) and, indeed, the interior atmosphere is quite similar, in terms of design and luxurious trims. Chiefly, the MBUX Hyperscreen has made its way over, with the three screens joined side-by-side to give the impression of a single, curved panel that dominates the fascia pillar-to-pillar. It is still a streamlined, ultra-modern aesthetic that leaves no doubt that this is a high-tech vehicle. As always, the central 17.7in touchscreen is massive, providing an exceptionally clear view of cameras and navigation systems, and making it that much easier to use. The driver’s 12.3in instrument cluster has several modes to choose from and can be operated using the thumb controls on the steering wheel. It is assisted by a head-up display with augmented reality capability, meaning that it can provide indicators that seem to appear in the real world—navigational arrows, for instance, or highlighting other vehicles. The front passenger has their own 12.3in screen, with which they can access some car telemetry or watch streaming video content. The cutting-edge technology is also found in the driver assistance systems, which includes a sophisticated suite of lane-keeping and cruise control systems that respond adroitly even in challenging traffic conditions.

In terms of space, the EQS SUV is as cavernous as its exterior proportions (5,125mm long, 1,959mm wide, and 1,718mm tall) suggest. It shares the long wheelbase of the EQS but sits more than 20cm higher. It has a third row of seats for up to a total of seven passengers. With all the seats folded down—a manual operation for the third row but electrically for the second row—the total cargo space is an impressive 2,100l. The second-row seats are no afterthought in terms of comfort, as they are electrically adjustable for comfort and come with two 11.6in touchscreens for entertainment and a full-fledged Android tablet in the centre armrest.

The EQS SUV is currently the most powerful non-AMG electric vehicle available from Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, with a maximum output of 536bhp, a mighty 858Nm of torque, and a 0-100km/h time of 4.6 seconds. By comparison, the EQS 500 4MATIC sedan is capable of 443bhp, and has a 0-100km/h time of 4.8 seconds. The sedan has the edge in terms of range, though, as it is rated for 696km. Whether due to its higher power output or the inherent inefficiencies of the SUV format, the EQS SUV manages 615km—still a generous capacity and a class leader.

In terms of range and sheer drivability, the EQS sedan remains the winner—mainly by the virtue of being, well, a sedan. But the SUV has long ago established itself as the personal vehicle of choice, thanks to its spaciousness, ride height and cargo space. These simple practicalities have made the SUV the weapon of choice for those seeking a personal vehicle to match a vibrant lifestyle. The EQS SUV makes very few compromises, but it maintains the key benefits of its sedan counterpart—it is fast, quiet, comfortable, and packed with all the features that the tech-forward consumer would expect.

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Photography: Overseas Model Shown

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