How Guerlain Makes You Glow From Within With Their High-End Facial Treatments

Guerlain opened its first Ultimate Boutique in Malaysia recently at The Exchange TRX. As you walk in, the boutique emanates a brilliant interior that reflects the brand’s distinctive ‘bee’ concept. Developed exclusively with a team of French craftsmen, the design visibly displays Guerlain’s visuals and high-toned identity. From perfumery to cosmetics, the boutique has stationed various dedicated divisions for shoppers to browse and sample their products.

Tucked away within the Ultimate Boutique is Guerlain’s first facialist suite in Malaysia, which offers high-end pampering treatments. Here, facials are conducted by skilled beauty experts who are well-versed with Guerlain’s in-house beauty rituals and treatment protocols. In this hub, the brand takes on traditional massage techniques and collaborates closely with specialists to devise precise methods in addressing diverse needs.

I recently experienced a personalised 60-minute facial at Guerlain’s facialist suite, with a recommended regimen based on my skin type. Prior to the facial, I consulted my assigned facial therapist to discuss specific skin concerns and the areas I wished to target. After evaluating my skin type, the therapist recommended either the Orchidée Impériale or Abeille Royale range for the session.

Following a brief assessment, the therapist led me into a private room to settle onto a comfortable bed. Using products from Guerlain’s Abeille Royale line, the hour-long facial aims to hydrate, plump, and illuminate the skin, leaving it with a glowing and refreshed appearance. The session began with a thorough cleansing to eliminate any impurities or excess oil. Next, a delicate exfoliation sloughed away dead skin cells, priming for the application of treatment products. The therapist then employed a special kneading procedure with the use of Abeille Royale Intense Repair Youth Oil-In Balm. This particular practice during my facial massage was not only highly worthwhile but also deeply invigorating.

Moving on, a mask was applied to provide abundant supplements and hydration. While waiting for the mask to work its magic, the therapist continued with a massage on my neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and scalp. The facial concluded with the application of serums, a moisturiser and sunscreen to safeguard the skin. At the end of my session, there was a noticeable contrast in my skin’s appearance before and after the facial, with evident improvements in complexion and vivacity. Besides restoring my skin’s health, the pampering therapy also induced a sense of calm in my mental state.

Customers who spend RM2,800 or more on Guerlain products are eligible for two complimentary 45-minute facial treatments. Those who spend more than RM4,800 are entitled to two complimentary 60-minute facial treatments. The Guerlain Ultimate Boutique is located on the ground floor of The Exchange TRX.

More photos of Guerlain’s Ultimate Boutique


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