This Week In Luxury: MB&F’s Award-Winning Legacy Machine Sequential, Cartier’s New High Jewellery Collection, And More

In our weekly series, we bring you the latest in luxury news from around the world. This week’s highlights: MB&F improves on its award-winning Legacy Machine Sequential, Cartier presents new high jewellery collection Nature Sauvage, and more.

MB&F Improves On Its Award-Winning Legacy Machine Sequential

In 2022, MB&F released the Legacy Machine Sequential EVO, a revolutionary chronograph that had two sets of chronograph displays that could be started, stopped and reset completely independently—but were also linked by an additional pusher that meant they could be started and stopped simultaneously and sequentially as well. The timepiece was, thus, a never-before-seen technical feat that offered an unprecedented level of chronograph functionality. Its achievements were formally recognised when the watch won the Aiguille d’Or (or Best in Show) prize at the 2022 GPHG awards. For 2024, the Sequential is back—and even better, as it now boasts a flyback function. It integrates seamlessly into the Sequential’s pre-existing layout and it, of course, operates independently for both displays. The Legacy Machine Sequential Flyback (RM987,000) is available in a platinum case with sky blue dial plate and is limited to 33 pieces.


Cartier Presents Nature Sauvage, Where Animals Come To Life In A Dazzling Parade

Nature Sauvage, Cartier’s new high jewellery collection, is a celebration of the vibrant wilderness. While some animals stand tall in their pride, other are camouflaged, hidden just as they are in the wild, sparking a playful intrigue that makes discovering each piece all the more exciting. Take the Mochelys necklace, for example. At first glance, it showcases a striking abstract necklace enhanced further by a 71.90-carat rubellite. Upon closer inspection, it reveals the intricate form of a turtle in its entirety, cleverly designed to detach, doubling as an equally stunning brooch. Among Cartier’s animal kingdom, none could shine brighter than the Maison’s most iconic panther. As beautifully captured on actress Deepika Padukone, the face of Nature Sauvage, the Panthère Jaillissante features a fully articulated ring-bracelet. This design breathes life into the panther, poised to spring into action as it serves as the fierce guardian of the 8.63-carat Zambian emerald.


The Eagerly Awaited Janu Tokyo Has Legendary Designer Jean-Michel Gathy To Thank

Janu Tokyo, the flagship of the Janu brand and sister to the Aman brand, unveiled its extraordinary design at its opening this year. Despite its urban location, designer Jean-Michel Gathy has created a sanctuary imbued with a sense of serenity. In the rooms, Gathy blends minimalistic elements with warm, earthy tones. This harmonious philosophy extends to the dining spaces, where Gathy seamlessly merges culture by combining Italian marbles with French-inspired touches to create a space for guests to connect over shared experiences. Under Gathy’s design leadership, there is a wealth of discovery awaiting at Janu Tokyo.


Giorgio Armani Renewed Its La Prima Soft Bag For Men

Giorgio Armani has given the men’s La Prima Soft bag a modern update: a new outline, a clean silhouette, and an adjustable shoulder strap, making it effortless to transition from a shoulder bag to a crossbody bag. Made of Nappa leather in four colours—red, sand, military green and black—the bag has a soft yet steady body and an external pocket for easier access to everyday items.

Giorgio Armani

Minotti Collaborates With Sukeno To Unveil Its New Flagship Store In Kobe

This opening marks Minotti’s fourth store in Japan, this time located in the Former Foreign Settlement district, which is famous for its unique architectural context. The two-level showroom draws inspiration from the minimalism of Zen philosophy and plays on the theme of duality—the coexistence of empty and full spaces, and of light and shadow. A combination of sleek metal surfaces, warm wood accents, and elegant concrete decorate the space to create a sophisticated ambiance. With each passing day, Minotti continues to expand its global presence, offering itself as a premier destination for lovers of Italian craftsmanship.


MST Golf Uncovers Four Fashion Brands For The New Generation Golfers

An increasing number of young golfers has inspired designers from Los Angeles to Korea to revolutionise the fashion, shoes and accessories industry. Now, golf streetwear brands such as Malbon Golf, MANORS Golf, Students Golf, and WAAC Golf have all jumped on the bandwagon to fuse fashion and golf with stylish caps, graphic t-shirts, shoes, and bags. These four brands also cater to more conservative golfers with trendy polo tees, bottoms, and other golfing accessories.

MST Golf

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