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The festival and spectacular scenery tour of Aomori, Japan

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    Occupying the northernmost point of Japan’s main island of Honshu, Aomori is a land shaped by fire, flowers and snow. This exclusive 5D/4N tour will take you on a tour of all three.

    The journey begins in Tokyo, where the tour group will be whisked away to the city of Aomori, the capital of Aomori Prefecture. Arriving in the city, guests will be just in time for the Nebuta Matsuri Festival. The festival is the largest of Japan’s nebuta festivals, where giant illuminated floats of brave warriors are parade through the streets of Aomori. Accommodation is at Hotel Aomori. The next morning, the tour winds its way south to Kunohe in the Iwate Prefecture en route to Lake Towada, the spectacular crater lake that is the largest on Honshu. From here, the tour will take in areas of spectacular beauty including the forest streams of Oirase Keiryu and the vertiginous panorama on the Hakko Ropeway.

    On return to Aomori for two additional nights, guests will immerse themselves in Aomori culture through visits to the ancient village of Sannai Maruyama Iseki, Seiryuji Temple and the nebuta museum of Wa Rasse. Then it’s back to Tokyo on a shinkansen (bullet train), feeling enriched, reinvigorated and restore.

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