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7-night Dream Journey to Tahiti by Deer Jet

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  • Deer Jet, a private-jet operator based in China, last year acquired the first customised Boeing VVIP 787 business jet available for luxury charters, and this year the company announced it’s launching journeys to Tahiti aboard its “Dream Jet." The journey will take guests across the South Pacific Ocean from Hong Kong to Tahiti, providing custom in-flight accommodations and onboard stewards who provide “seven-star hospitality," the company says. The seven-night “Dream Journey" also includes a stay in the Royal Estate of the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort.

    The 787’s spacious interior comprises more than 2,300 square feet, luxuriously decorated with handpicked amenities and fully equipped with video and audio options. The cabin also includes a lounge and dining area, a private bedroom and bath, and plenty of room for entertaining or relaxing. Large windows, ultra-clean air filtering and extra-low pressurisation create an environment of ultimate ease and comfort. The ultra-long-range 787 can cruise at almost 900kph for up to 16,000km, providing nonstop flights to virtually anywhere.

    In Tahiti, guests can enjoy all the amenities the tropical island is famous for: days of blue skies, sunshine, serene beaches, nights of traditional dance performances, cool sea breezes and fine dining. The company says it plans to offer more luxe adventure destinations soon. The 787 is based at Hong Kong International Airport and operated by Deer Jet’s subsidiary, Hong Kong Jet.

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