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Chef’s Seafood Menu at Seasalt at Alila Seminyak, Bali

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  • Seasalt at Alila Seminyak has opened its doors. Inspired by its spectacular oceanfront setting and the locally harvested sea salt, Seasalt will be the must-go seafood destination whilst strolling around the Seminyak area. Seasalt marks the start of a tantalising new seascape dining experience, with a dash of Japanese infusion, exciting palates with an enticing taste of the sea in their fresh seafood selection.

    Some creations to drool over include White Snapper, Seasalt’s signature sea salt baked fish; Niçoise, the famous fresh French salad that comes with Katsuobushi and two-year-old black miso; and the beautiful Blue Swimmer Crab, where crab mayonnaise meets chawanmushi. To accompany such delicious ocean cuisine, an artisanal centerpiece made of sea salt will be showcased at dinner times.

    Besides enjoying a taste of the sea, diners at Seasalt will find themselves immersed in the sensation of sailing on the ocean, thanks to its inspired design. Stepping into Seasalt will take you into what resembles a stylish seaside residence dominated by ocean hues and cozy décor, creatively curated by EDG. The vibrancy of an open kitchen, the changing patterns of light and shadow on the outdoor decks throughout the day, and the feel of the ocean breeze also serve to create a remarkable sense of openness and connection to the ocean for a relaxed coastal dining experience.

    Under Chef Vivian Vitalis’ guidance, Seasalt’s seafood menu showcase a diverse dining experience featuring a Chef’s Seafood set menu, specially designed for two to share, and Seasalt Specials that are prepared with “shio koji", a special fermented rice mixed with sea salt, a typical Japanese tradition that tenderises meats and fish and gives a natural umami flavor. The menu includes highlights such as White Snapper, Seasalt’s signature sea salt baked fish and the beautiful Blue Swimmer Crab.

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