Comlux and Design Q partner to usher in the next generation of private jet interiors

a fresh approach

Design Q, a boutique design firm based in London, has completed an interior design concept for Comlux America, intended for the next-generation business jets from Airbus and Boeing — the ACJneo and the BBJ Max 8. Comlux said its goal in soliciting the concept was to “obtain designer perspectives and concepts to capture the different cultures, styles, and tastes of potential VIP customers.”

DesignQ was asked to develop a unique concept utilising unusual materials and styles. The design packages then are promoted to potential customers by both Comlux and the design studios. “This is truly a mutually benefiting relationship, and something that has never been done before in our industry,” said Scott Meyer, CEO of Comlux America. Concepts were also solicited from Alberto Pinto Design, Unique Aircraft, and Winch Design.

“Design Q is excited about the partnership with Comlux,” said Howard Guy, CEO of Design Q. “With Comlux’s capabilities and Design Q’s vision of the best customer experience, together we can lift the design signature of an aircraft to suit the exact needs of each VIP customer.” The project was done to stimulate customers who are considering buying these aircraft “to look at the interior with a fresh, less predictable palette,” Guy said. Some new owners focus on maximum passenger seating, he said, “but the vision of the interior certainly starts to make people take another look” at what they could do with the space, adding “some revolution and surprise.”

The Airbus ACJneo business jets offer the widest and tallest cabins in their segment, along with efficient new engines, Sharklet wingtips that reduce drag, and improved cabin comfort. The ACJ320neo can carry 25 passengers up to 11,000 km, and the ACJ319neo can fly 12,500 km with eight passengers on board. Boeing’s BBJ Max 8 can carry eight passengers for 12,350km.

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