The Selekt DSM By Linn Audio Brings Concerts To You

The Human Touch

Bruce Springsteen’s 1992 album The Human Touch with its all American rock n’ roll swagger captures the rock legend’s heart and knack for a hooky rhythm. So now imagine The Boss’ emotive voice played over a sound system that transports you back to the early 1990s, evoking memories that you’d didn’t think could still be there. Enter the device that will do just that: Linn Audio’s Selekt DSM (starting at £4,000 or RM21,487), the latest network music player from the Glasgow-based company.

As Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn’s managing director puts it, “Our latest addition is what we call a time machine. Its space optimisation technology ensures you get the best possible sound from any Linn DSM network music player. The effects distortions of the room are removed.” The sound quality, Tiefenbrun adds, from the Selekt DSM is comparable to being physically at that rock concert or that moment in time when a piece of music was played for the first time.

“We love the clarity of digital music, but we also love the tactility of physical records. It’s easy to feel we’ve lost touch with the immersive experience of playing a vinyl record – the LP selection, the lift-lower, the anticipation during those first pops and clicks – and that playing music requires only a swipe and a tap,” says Tiefenbrun.

The Selekt DSM transforms one’s physical interaction with digital music. The device’s jewel-like glass dial glows on command and rotates with watch-like elegance when activated. Also, judging by the way the Selekt DSM projects Springsteen’s raw unfiltered vocals, the guys at Linn know what they are doing.

Linn Audio

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