You Can Now Learn To Kite Surf In The Best Aman Resort Beaches

High As a Kite

If you’ve ever fancied learning how to kite surf at the hands of a seasoned professional, Aman Resorts is now offering exactly that in four of its destinations (a single package starts from US$999/RM4,075). Leap from the sea to the sky at Amanpulo in the Philippines, Amanpuri in Thailand, Amanyara in the Turks and Caicos, and Amanera in the Dominican Republic – the latter being close to to Cabarete, the rumoured birthplace of kitesurfing. Step-by-step tuition is available to all levels using top-of-the-line kites, harnesses and boards, while former World Champion kitesurfer Jessica Winkler will be on hand at Amanpuri to teach those with an appetite for adrenaline.

Check out this adrenaline-pumped gallery.



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