Designer Kim Jones Tells You To Keep Moving In Rimowa Video

Never Stay Still

“I think my whole life has been never still. Everything I see, everything I do is part of the philosophy of my designs,” says Kim Jones, fashion designer and Dior Men’s artistic director. Jones is one of three personalities featured in Rimowa’s ‘Never Still’ campaign, which is shot across four countries by three different directors. Also featuring in this campaign of life on the go, are basketball legend LeBron James and Chinese pianist and prodigy Yuja Wang, pictured with the Original, Classic and Essential collections from Rimowa.

Life on the go, for them, becomes part of their creative process with the video taking a closer look at how their hardships on the road – both real and metaphorical – are required to endure and thrive. The lens moves from the urbanscapes of Tokyo, Los Angeles and Toronto to the jungles of India to present inspiration as originating from anywhere – culminating in something new and exciting.

“Rimowa’s ‘Never Still’ is not a concept that loses steam after one campaign – it’s an idea on which to build. As a brand dedicated to the heritage of consumer-focused craftsmanship, longevity and innovation, Rimowa is committed to participating in the conversation by adding meaningful cultural context to our products. Together with this group of diverse global icons, we continue to open up a conversation beyond travel to explore what it means and takes to move forward,” says Alexandre Arnault, CEO of Rimowa.


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