Here’s How To Optimise Your Day With The New Samsung OLED TV And Soundbar

Samsung’s new OLED S95C TV and accompanying Q800C soundbar is a match made in tech heaven and a combo which really helps you optimise your day. In earlier articles, we have covered the initial unboxing  of the 65” model. This newest and latest OLED offering from Samsung comes with crisp 4K ability which we also covered in this piece. This helps you get the full definition that you would want – with the 4K being an undoubted upgrade over the 1080p TVs. Its 4,000 pixels means that it’s four time sharper, giving you so much more detail in any of the content that is enabled. 

And, with the addition of the Q800C soundbar, the cinema-quality motion pictures are allied with an enjoyable soundscape courtesy of a whole bunch of innovation including being the first Dolby Atmos surround sound which connects wirelessly to the television. 

Throughout the month, Robb Report Malaysia was able to sample a whole bunch of content to provide a recommendation of how to fully max out on this dynamic duo, with the following entries allowing the TV and soundbar to fully optimise your day. 


Thanks to the amazing sound fidelity of the Q80C soundbar, which works in concert with the onboard speakers of the S95C OLED TV, you get a real sense of wraparound acoustics, transported into an aural realm by one of Western music’s greatest composers. The magic lies in the Q-Symphony technology, giving you the ability to hear all the instruments in the orchestra with great resolution, and finding new facets even on the same music.


With Connected Device and Bixby, your S95C OLED TV also becomes your little helper – enabling you to achieve greater efficiency with much less hassle. SmartThings introduces automation while the Multi View offers endless possibilities where you can stay productive with a worksheet on the right of your screen, while simultaneously getting a briefing at a virtual meeting on the left of your screen. On the apps store, you can discover productivity and leisure options to fully optimise your TV’s functions even as you optimise your day.


So with all that productivity, you’ve earned a decent break and why not make use of the phenomenal display and sound from this Samsung setup by watching the recent box office blockbusters such as Top Gun: Maverick. It’s rated as one of the best 4K movies currently, and you will be able to fully savour the rapid action taking place with the crisp clarity that comes with 4K. 


Among the many 4K movies currently getting play time on streaming networks, one finds Dunkirk, Dune, Joker, Mad Max: Fury Road, Blade Runner 2049, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Pacific Rim as some of they titles which would be best played on a 4K-enabled screen. This, plus the Q800C soundbar will put you in a cinema hall minus the actual travelling to a Cineplex. You’ll love the atmospheric power of the combined duo, and in a show like Dune, the action comes alive, keeping you at the edge of your seat for a heart-racing adventure through a post-apocalyptic world.


Photos: Joshua Chay / The Spacemen

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