Les Mondes De Diptyque Lets You Savour The World’s Wonders

Picture a fragrant marvel as a work of art, a portal to distant realms, and a timeless emblem of sophistication. This is what you’ll find in Les Mondes de Diptyque –– a new premium candle collection that promises to redefine the art of luxury and indulgence in the domain of home fragrances. Each candle resides within a coloured glass oval, meticulously crafted by Italian designer Cristina Celestino.

The three-tiered monolith, reminiscent of Diptyque’s illustrious symbol, stands as a testament to glassmaking expertise, fabricated using pressed glass technology. Beneath the engraved glass lid lies a block of scented wax, refillable and available in five gripping scents, formulated by French perfumer Olivia Giacobetti –– Nymphées Merveille, La Forêt Rêve, Temple des Mousses, La Vallée du Temps, and Terres Blondes.

What sets Les Mondes de Diptyque apart is its eco-conscious ethos. These candles are refillable, a first for Diptyque, and are complemented by scented matches, a candle snuffer, and a golden metal wick trimmer for a complete experience. Yet, this collection goes beyond candles; it’s an immersive experience akin to a dream. Diptyque’s distinctive wax blend artfully captures the essence of each location, weaving a fragrant tale of its own. Explore enthralling places like the Renaissance gardens of Villa Borromeo Visconti near Milan, the surreal Las Pozas in the Mexican jungle, Kyoto’s serene Moss Temple, and the incomparable beauty of Mesa Verde in Colorado.

Embark on your own olfactory journey with Les Mondes de Diptyque––an everlasting voyage through the world’s splendours. Available online, at Diptyque boutiques, and selected KENS Apothecary stores.


KENS Apothecary 

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