Globetrotter Thibaud Crivelli On Sensory Encounters, Crafted Memories, And His New Perfume Extract Tubéreuse Astrale

Beneath the composed demeanour of young entrepreneur Thibaud Crivelli lies an insatiable thirst for adventure, a trait that runs deep in his family’s lineage for more than 150 years. Possessing a curious and empathetic spirit, Crivelli cultivated a radical bond with nature during his upbringing, prompting him to establish his own luxury perfume house, Maison Crivelli. Each of their scented creation—perfume extracts, eaux de parfum and discovery sets—encapsulates a particular composition derived from Crivelli’s real-life experiences, and is formulated without phthalates, colourants or animal products.

“In the early days of Maison Crivelli, the primary objective was always to offer perfumes that would surprise and captivate,” Crivelli reflects. “Recognising the saturated nature of the market, I worked towards earning credibility by highlighting the authenticity of my experiences rather than relying on a public façade.” Born in Paris, Crivelli grew up amidst the terrains of central France and Provence. In 2006, he relocated to China, embarking on a decade-long pilgrimage across various Asian locales, where his Western sensibilities intersected with novel influences, fostering an experiential approach to wildlife. Before diving into perfumery, Crivelli pursued business studies and gained experience working for various perfume and cosmetic brands. This journey took him to Singapore and Hong Kong, where he delved into sales and marketing to broaden his understanding of market dynamics.

“Being exposed to my father’s work in the cosmetics sector early on also contributed to my fascination with perfumery. By the time I turned 14 or 15, I began to seriously consider pursuing a career in this industry,” Crivelli says. His passion for perfumery further deepened as he explored different regions and their distinctive scents. “Whether it was the earthy notes of vetiver in India or the woody essence of hinoki in Japan, each place offered its own olfactory profile.”

As Crivelli’s senses were continually stirred, his excursion was punctuated with many unforeseen elements, which imbued him with an atypical knowledge of perfume at every level. From smelling scorched sandalwood on the slopes of an erupting volcano or meandering across a cocoa plantation on a motorbike, to tasting absinthe underneath the Northern lights or traversing an iris-laden field on the desert’s fringe, each occurrence typified his personal connections for textures and smells. When asked about his most memorable scent, Crivelli reveals: “It would have to be leather. Growing up, my family had a strong attachment to horses. My father and sister were avid riders, and we kept all our riding gear at home in a dedicated room. The scent of leather was pervasive in our household as it carries a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.”

The majority of natural components utilised in Crivelli’s perfumes are carefully chosen from trusted partners, then meticulously hand-selected and processed. This harvesting process ensures the preservation of all the aromatic properties of the plant, especially for coveted constituents, while certain raw materials are either organically nurtured or Fair Trade Certified. Transforming raw substrates involves extensive hands-on work as the production process begins with building a perfume concept using various mediums to narrate an entire jaunt. “Collaborating closely with perfumers, we discuss and refine formulations,” Crivelli says. “Upon sample approval, we proceed to the legal aspects and then move to the blending phase, where different notes are combined and left to mature for several weeks.”

Just recently, the house introduced its latest perfume extract, Tubéreuse Astrale, crafted in collaboration with master perfumer Quentin Bisch. Inspired by one of his childhood memories, Crivelli envisioned a fresh interpretation of the white flower, a staple in haute parfumerie. Tubéreuse Astrale opens with a warm, sensual, powdery note of cinnamon, augmented by a subtle hint of cumin—an integrand that, while barely perceptible, adds depth to the note. The perfume divulges several pivotal facets: the finest quality Indian tuberose absolute; Chinese osmanthus absolute with infused leathery, peach-like character and carrot seed essential oil; Indonesian patchouli; and Spanish cistus absolute. These hallmarks impart a supple distinction while bolstering its floral undertones, resulting in an addictive and modern melange.

“Tubéreuse Astrale echoes many treasured memories with my father, who was always passionate about astronomy. When the season was right, we would venture out at night to observe the constellations through a telescope,” Crivelli reminisces. He recalls the gentle rustle of tall grass in the breeze, accompanied by the soothing chirping of crickets. This recollection sparked the concept of crafting this effervescent tuberose fragrance—anchored by a creamy, almost tactile blend of leather and musk.

The Maison Crivelli Tubéreuse Astrale is now available in 50ml bottles (RM1,350) in the Kens Apothecary website, along with other perfume creations.

Maison Crivelli

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