The Balvenie’s Makers Project Brings Its Distillery To Life With Miniature Diorama Artist Lim Pui Wan

Rolling hills, meandering rivers and fields of golden barley swaying underneath the Scottish sunshine form the charming Speyside region, a remarkable destination for whisky enthusiasts, nature lovers and those seeking a taste of the country’s rich heritage. Over in Dufftown lies crumbling ruins of The Balvenie Castle, which lends its name to the iconic whisky distillery nearby that has produced some of the world’s finest single malts for close to 130 years. Here, each bottle of The Balvenie—from the casks to the liquid of rich, luxuriously smooth, and distinctly honeyed character—is intricately handcrafted at every step.

The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 and The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 are expressions of traditional Scottish craftsmanship.

Purveyors of fine spirits will appreciate the fact that The Balvenie is also the only distillery with all five of the precious rare crafts. It is also the only distillery that still grows its own barley, uses traditional floor maltings, and keeps both coppersmiths and coppers on site, which results in The Balvenie being the most handcrafted of single malts.

For those who aren’t able to make the journey to the Speyside region for a tour of the passionate artisans at work, Malaysian artist Lim Pui Wan has recreated The Balvenie’s Distillery in a miniature diorama. The artwork is part of The Balvenie Project, a collaboration with exemplary artists across the globe to celebrate individuals who put the same passion into their craft. Last year, they partnered Sarawak-born artist Ceres Lau to create a series of delicate paper art sculptures.

The legendary Balvenie Distillery, recreated small enough to fit on a single table.

“This collaboration is a homage to these craftsmen, showcasing The Balvenie’s unwavering commitment to their crafts,” Lim says. “This includes the farmers harvesting homegrown barley and the expertise of the Malt Men at the malting floor, as well as the skills of the coppersmiths and coopers maintaining The Balvenie’s character. Finally, the Malt Master plays a role in ensuring the consistency of the iconic whiskies, and each element inspired the meticulous precision and unique stylistic elements in my creations.”

Lim Pui Wan paid close attention to realism for the miniature replica.

Lim spent a month researching The Balvenie’s process and planning the design to make it true to the original distillery. She then poured one and a half months into crafting the collective scenes for the five rare crafts, working almost day and night. Whisky fans can step into this world of ultimate craftsmanship through intricate details such as the shapes of pot stills to honour the coppersmiths’ legacy and scenes of coopers fixing casks to showcase their skills.

“I was incredibly satisfied after investing so much time into understanding the process and building the artwork from scratch,” Lim says. “It made me feel like I had personally experienced each craft.

The team of coopers who repair and rebuild the casks that breathe character into the whisky.

“For The Makers Project, I found profound inspiration in the timeless journey of artistry involved in whisky making,” Lim continues. “The meticulous precision and unique stylistic elements inherent in my creations reflect the ethos of ultimate craftsmanship that The Balvenie embodies. This project celebrates the intricate processes and heartfelt dedication that go into every bottle of whisky, mirroring my own commitment to creating art that tells a story and honours the legacy of true artisanship.”

For more information, please visit The Makers Project website, and stay up to date with the latest from The Balvenie on Instagram.

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