A Beloved Kristang Chef Has Joined Forces With ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery, And You Can Experience The Magic This 4-5 September

a Novel Twist

This 4-5 September, the heritage recipes of renowned Malaccan-Portuguese chef Melba Nunis gets reinterpreted by Chef Tyson Gee of the ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery. A native of Ujong Pasir, Malacca, Chef Melba has championed Kristang cuisine to a wider audience since 2011. Introducing Malaysians to a bonafide melting pot of recipes that married local recipes with Portuguese, Dutch and British traditions, Chef Melba has also published 2 cookbooks. ‘A Kristang Family Cookbook” eventually won the Best in the World in the Woman Chef category at the 2016 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. She currently offers guests the chance to enjoy her cooking in the comfort of her own home through Dine with Mel – A Kristang Family Supper Club.

Tyson Gee, Executive Chef of ATAS, will present an exceptional 5-course dining experience inspired by Chef Melba’s cuisine. The meal starts with a refreshing glass of Prosecco, followed by a platter of snacks which includes Crisp Seabass inspired by Papa Vincent’s Fish Cutlet (one of Melba’s grandfather’s favourites) and Soy Glazed Chicken, a new take on a chicken dish called Seybak. The set menu also includes Squid Ink Sambal, King Mackerel with Vinegar Sambal and Slow Cooked Chicken with Buah Keluak. The remarkable meal then ends on a delectable note with Glutinous Rice with Kaya and Tapioca with Palm Sugar. The ‘Kristang Cuisine Inspired by Chef Melba Nunis’ menu is priced at RM250nett per person or RM370 nett with wine pairing and will only be available for dinner on 4th and 5th September 2019. For further inquiries and bookings, please call +60 3277 808 88 or email atas@theruma.com

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